How to Prepare for OISE’s Open House

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

Has it really been a year since I stepped onto OISE’s grounds for the first time? I remember how prepared I thought I was for OISE’s Open House. Let me share with you my tips on how to get the most out of your first experience at OISE.

And remember here are the dates where each program will hold sessions and workshops:

1. Get your bag ready

Before even leaving your house you need to have your bag ready to be absolutely prepared. Firstly, bring a bag! Don’t think you aren’t going to leave OISE empty handed! You will be receiving pamphlets, letters and booklets when you come to the Open House. All the important information you will ever need will be handed out that night. You will also need a pen and a notepad to write down important information you hear. Please bring a (reusable) water bottle so you have no excuse NOT to talk to an OISE ambassador. Although we have an amazing café on campus, you may be hustling from workshop to workshop and a snack seems the best way tie you over. And finally, bring your TTC metro pass or tokens. If you didn’t know already, you can enter OISE from the St. George platform. But to re-enter, for your travel home, you will need to swipe your metro pass or put in a token to enter the revolving doors.

So lets go through your list again?

¤ Bag or backpack

¤ Pen, pencils and notepad

¤ Water bottle and snack

¤ TTC metro pass or tokens

2. Map out your route

Let me be the first to admit it, I got lost to OISE for the Open House. As a Toronto native, I thought I would walk off the subway platform and strut my way to OISE. Little did I know

University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 252 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M5S 1V6

that my strut would become a 10 minute walk on Bloor with my GPS application on. Please, get off at St. George Station, and not Spadina! And as I have said above, you can enter OISE from the subway platform. Just look for the signs on the platforms to lead you up (Also, this is a huge bonus during the winter and rainy spring days).

And if you are driving down, there are many parking lots around the OISE campus. You can pick which one you wish to park here but please be aware of the Emergency lanes by reading where not to park here.

Lets add these items to your list

¤ Map out route to OISE

¤ If driving, find out best parking lot to park

3. Come with questions

When you attend the Open House, you will soon realize the sense of community and openness OISE is so famous for. We are here to help you make the right decision about your choice in program. In order to do that we recommend you to visit the OISE homepage, read over the admission requirements and come with questions to help better your understanding. And if you don’t have any questions here are some sample questions I asked when I attended the Open House:

♦  What was your undergraduate degree and how did it prepare you for your program?

♦ What is your classes like? How many people are in it? What style of lecture is it?

♦ What is your research topic? How did you become interested in it?

♦ What is the library like? What tools can I use while I am in the program?

♦ Why did you choose OISE?

Alright future OISE Students, I hope that helped you prepare or reiterate things to keep in mind when you attend the Open House. If you have not already, please RSVP here so we know to expect you for the Open House!

I’ll see you there! Don’t be afraid to say “Hi” or comment below if you have any questions!


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