October Recap from a Master of Teaching Point of View

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

Oops, are we really in November? What happened to October? I have been so busy transitioning from full time school to full time practice teaching that I have neglected checking in with you guys!

The biggest thing that happened to me in October was starting my first block practicum. I am in a grade three classroom in the York Catholic School Board from October 27th-November 21st. Prior to the start of practicum, I was able to go to three field experience days. These days are reserved for MT students to observe the routines and schedule of the classroom.

On my second visit, I brought the schools iPads into the classroom to introduce an application called Gizmos to the students. The lesson was to reinforce their knowledge about Friction. I would like to disclose that this lesson was not the best one I have taught. But I learned at the end of it, the students were hardly exposed to the iPads in the classroom as my Associate Teacher did not know which applications to use. She told me that many teachers in the school have similar problems of integrating the technology into their classroom as they don’t know what to use. She proposed  for me to create a list of iPad applications (apps) for the staff to use, and present a 10 minute presentation highlighting two of them at the next staff meeting.

The challenge was accepted and met! For the last two weeks I have been happily testing math and literacy apps on my iPad to present to the staff. I compiled them into a pdf, and thought I would share it with blog-sphere. I have the apps sorted by primary, junior and intermediate divisions. I also wrote found the Ontario Curriculum expectation that matched with the app, the highlights of the app and any considerations that may need to be taken when using it.   Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, these applications will be a great resource for you to have just in case you need them. And did I mention all these apps are FREE? Bonus for teachers on a budget!

In the pdf you will find these applications:

Download my list here: iPad List . Have fun experimenting with the apps, and Good luck!


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