Reporting Back – OISE Graduation

by Wook
Master of Education student
Developmental Psychology and Education

November 18th 2014 was a very special day for many OISE students because it was their graduation day! Before the graduation ceremony, graduates were invited to attend a nice and sophisticated tea event. The event took place in the Nexus Lounge which is a gorgeous venue on the 12th floor of OISE building.

To provide our prospective students with some examples of what graduates do after their studies at OISE, I put on my fancy brown shoes to attend the event. It was a great experience for me because I was also very curious about the career paths that students from other departments can take. As a bonus, there were plates of desserts at the event (I ended up having 4 pieces of carrot cake).

One graduate was a current teacher who pursued his Masters degree at OISE to fulfill the requirements to become a principal, many graduates were moving onto doctorate studies, and others were going into educational and community settings to apply what they learned at OISE (graduates’ profiles).

After talking to our graduates, I learned that OISE is a perfect place to nourish and develop one’s interests. Everyday I am learning a lot from my courses and getting inspired by people around me. I am excited for my graduation day and I hope my future after graduation is as bright as the future of OISE graduates of 2014!


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