Expanding Your Career Options at the Professional Preparation Conference: Oh The Places You Will Go…

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

The last day of the Professional Preparation Conference was dedicated to workshops hosted by the OCT, OISE’s Continuing Education and QECO. While these workshops were being held in the Auditorium, there was a professional and employment fair running in multiple rooms at OISE. There were over 48 booths, and let me be honest with you…INFORMATION OVERLOAD. These were just a small sample of the information booklets I received.

As you can tell from the above picture and extensive list of employers below, this fair can be extremely overwhelming. The best way to navigate the websites is to find out what your goals are and then explore from there. I have created a list of questions to consider before you start going through the websites:

  • Do you want to stay locally? Or do you prefer to work nationally, or even internationally?
  • Do you want to teach in a classroom? Or would you like to supply teach? Or even take up a tutoring position?
  • Do you want to work right away or would you like to continue your professional development?

Here is the list of the local/national organizations, and their websites where you could find more information about them:

Also, there was an International Employment Fair in the OISE Library. I visited most booths, including the following:

Are you  curious about OISE student life? Contact me:

Email: oise.ambassador@utoronto.ca

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