Beyond Graduation: Professional Preparation Conference Recap

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

Every winter the, OISE Social Services department hosts a Professional Preparation Conference for Consecutive BEd, Concurrent BEd, Masters of Teaching, and Masters of Arts (CSE) students. The conference is a three day event that features different workshops and talks from employers, teacher unions and school boards.

I had the pleasure of attending the three day conference. Although this conference is directed towards graduating BEd students and year 2 Masters students, I wanted to familiarize myself with some of the material to better prepare myself for next year’s conference. And how selfish would it be if I didn’t share this information with you! Whether you are in year 1 or an incoming student, the facts I share with you can help you familiarize yourself with the education network and information.

The Schedule

Day 1 was to prepare the Teacher Candidates(TC) for interviews, whether its for the Public, Catholic or Independent board. TC’s were involved in mock interviews where they could practice answering interview questions. TC’s were also involved in the following workshops/seminars: Resume Writing & Interview Skills, Transferable Skills Exploration and Understanding Online Applications. To read more about the online applications workshop, click here for my advice on accessing it.

Day 2 was dedicated to prepare TC’s for issues or problems that may arise in the classrooms. There were mini-sessions targeting various issues in the classroom. I hope that next year I will be able to attend more mini-sessions that I am interested in. This year the snow storm caused many of the mini-sessions to be cancelled. In the afternoon, there were seminars held by the Teacher Unions in Ontario: Ontario Teacher’s Federation, Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario and the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association. The day was wrapped by a panel for Alternative, Innovative and Inspiring Career Paths for Teachers. I was incredibly inspired by this panel that I expanded on 3 key points in this blog entry here.

Day 3 was reserved for the Employment and Professional Information Fair. I found great resources and contacted some future employers at the fair. I compiled a list of every organization at the fair, and you can check it out here. While the fair was running, there were seminars by the Ontario College of Teachers, OISE’s Continuing Education and the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario.

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