Exploring Careers Outside of the Classroom: Stepping Outside of the Comfort Zone at the Professional Preparation Conference

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

On the second day of the Professional Preparation Conference, the final seminar was a panel of OISE alumni/students who have chosen alternative career paths. These three speakers were inspirational and made me proud to be studying at OISE. These individuals decided to use the skills they acquired from OISE and pursue innovative careers other than teaching.

The three speakers were:

  1. Tracey King, Aboriginal Human Resources Consultant at Ryerson University
  2. Josh CardozProducer at SwissVBS
  3. Lindsay RedmanEducation Consultant for the International Baccalaureate

I found the seminar inspiring especially because I am always looking for alternative and inspiring opportunities for myself. (Side note: this was one of the reasons why I applied for the Student Ambassador position). Although I don’t believe it was intentional, I found three overarching themes which each speakers touched upon during the panel.

  • Transferable skills- We learn about transferable skills in our classes at OISE. Which means the skills and abilities that we learn can be used to alternative settings outside of the classroom. Whether we use these skills in the classroom or in the real world, these skills gives us the ability to be flexible and resilient when faced with adversity.
    • Passion and learning- As these individuals spoke, I could just feel how passionate they were about their careers. These people were ambitious and intuitive about their non-traditional route. Some of them exclaimed how choosing a non-traditional route was ricky, but their passion and focus made them stay hungry and rise to any challenge.
      • Networking- Most of the speakers found their jobs by using their contacts. They reached out to different people and were able to convey their creativity and passion. I would suggest you to start networking with people if you want to work in a certain field. If you haven’t seen the list already, I have compiled a list of the attendees at the Employment and Professional Information Fair. This would be a great start for those of you who have not made any connections or contacts in the field yet.

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