Free Course? Yes Please: Graduate Student Academic Support

by Wook
Master of Education student
Developmental Psychology and Education

In graduate school, there are more oral presentations and writings involved. If you are pursuing a thesis based degree, you would be doing more of those during the process of completing your thesis. Some students may not have completed a thesis or written a research paper during their undergraduate years. As I mentioned before, University of Toronto has a huge pool of resources that can help the admitted and current students to succeed (more reason to come and study at OISE) so you do not need to worry about entering a graduate school boot-camp before you start your program!

The Office of English Language and Writing Support (ELWS) offers free non-credit courses and workshops to both native and non-native speakers of English on topics such as proposal writing, improving your academic writing style, and oral presentations. These courses are exclusively for graduate students at the University of Toronto so once you get accepted to one of our graduate programs at OISE, you can definitely take advantage of these wonderful courses. Although I did not have a chance to take any of the courses that were provided in Fall semester, I am planning on taking a SSHRC proposal writing workshop this year.

The courses that are provided include writing SSHRC and NSERC proposals, editing your own work, understanding the research articles. Some courses are created for non-native speakers of English which is a great option for international students who want to improve their conversation skills in various academic settings. In addition, these courses provide a great opportunity to network with graduate students who are studying in other departments within the University of Toronto. Since the University of Toronto is such a huge institution, it is challenging to meet people who are not in the same department. Networking and socializing with graduate students from other departments can lead to new research ideas and might even lead to an opportunity to collaborate with one another!

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