What is Flex-Mode?

by Wook
Master of Education student
Developmental Psychology and Education

Many OISE students pursue their degree part-time and some students commute from various parts of Ontario. Flex-Mode courses are lecture or seminar style courses that may be attended either onsite or online. If traveling all the way to downtown Toronto to attend one course a week is not convenient for students, they can choose to take the course and participate online if the course is offered in Flex-Mode.

M.Ed. in Developmental Psychology and Education for example, students are required to take two required courses. For the past few semesters, these required courses were offered in Flex-Mode. I am a type of person who needs to be in a classroom setting because I cannot concentrate on lecture materials if I have access to the internet. However, many of my colleagues in the class enjoyed taking courses online because they work full-time or they are living 2 ~3 hours away from OISE. Last semester, I was unable to attend a class one week due to a work related event. Since Flex-Mode also archives lectures, I was able get an access to the archived webinar. Although I checked my facebook page few times when I was listening to the webinar, I was able to catch up on my course.

Flex-Mode courses usually includes online discussion forum where students get to talk about the weekly topics. Judging from my experience last semester, richer and more insightful discussions may arise because students are able to support their arguments with empirical researches. Although face-to-face discussions are spontaneous and organic, online discussions seem to give students enough time to formulate their thoughts and engage in the discussion more effectively.

Although OISE does not have a program that can be done solely online at the moment, prospective could definitely consider the fact that each department offer number of Flex-Mode courses that can be taken online.


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