January Recap

by Wook
Master of Education student
Developmental Psychology and Education

This semester, I am taking courses in social-emotional development, career counselling, and educational research. These 3 courses might seem irrelevant to one another, but they are actually starting to come together. In career development, some theories consider individual developmental process as an important component. Having an in depth knowledge on social-emotional development would help practitioners to understand various developmental factors that can influence the client’s situation. In addition, practitioners should be able to search for career counselling models that are supported by a strong body of empirical research. Even though career counselling was not something that I was interested in originally, it is fascinating to see how developmental psychology and education play a huge part in career counselling and development.

In terms of my work life, I recently started to assist a doctoral student with her EEG experiment. Throughout my undergraduate years, EEG was mentioned in 80% of my courses but I never had a chance to operate it or look at its signals. The actual experiment is conducted at the Rotman Research Institute at the Baycrest Hospital. This is an amazing opportunity for me because I get to engage in a project that is placed within a clinical environment.

With 3 courses and 2 jobs, 2015 has been a busy year for me already.  Although I am constantly thinking about my work related stuffs or academic related stuffs, I love what I do!


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