February Recap

by Wook
Master of Education student
Developmental Psychology and Education

As I was leaving Montreal last year, I thought I would never have to face the crazy amount of snow and freezing temperature. Well, I was dead wrong! Apparently last month was the coldest February in Toronto since 1875.

So how was my February? Well, I found an amazing library on the University of Toronto campus and pretty much went there every day to write papers! Pratt Library is only 10 minutes away from my apartment, and it has a relaxing atmosphere. Even when I thought my face was going to fall off from razor sharp wind, I still managed to drag myself to the library AND to the gym.

Because Goldring Centre is right across from OISE, it was easier for me to maintain my sanity┬áby engaging in cardio! Goldring Centre is the newest athletic center/gym that is open to current University of Toronto students for FREE (well, it is included in your tuition). Everything is new and the building itself looks pretty cool as well. Cold temperature could not stop me from learning and exercising. Yes, Toronto winter, I won….. I WON!

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