MA in Child Study and Education Program: My Reflections — Kathrin Cornibert

Name: Kathrin Cornibert
Program: MA Child Study and Education
Year: 2

What drew you to OISE’s program?
What drew me to the Child Study in Education program is the balance of practical, theoretical and research embedded within the program, with focus placed on the Primary/Junior Division. I loved that through this program it would provide me with the opportunity learn about how to teach young children through the analysis of relevant research studies and application through hands-on experiences. This is what makes this program so unique. Furthermore, the Child Study in Education program creates an avenue for multiple opportunities post-graduation, which include recommendation for the Ontario College of Teachers as well as future research in education. I have also heard positive feedback and recommendations by graduates from this program, which includes commentary about its evident sense of community and knowledge building

What did you love about the program and/or your professors and peers?
There were a number of components to the Child Study in Education program that were valuable and authentic. The program very much resembles a community of learners, supporters and facilitators. The professors are very knowledgeable about various areas, many of which are supplemented with research studies they have been involved in. The staff/professors are also genuinely interested and supportive of the students’ interests through the tailoring of their lectures, advice and practicum placements. The professors truly care and set the students up for success.

Furthermore, the Child Study in Education program is very considerate and personalized according to student’s interests. A great quality to this program is that it is flexible in content according to students interests. Students have the option to complete a Qualified Research Paper if they wish to pursue research (and/or continuing education at the doctorate level), stream into special education and/or early childhood education (in which they will be acknowledged for after completing the additional qualitifications).

Another unique quality of the program derives from a prominent philosophy held about supporting students’ learning, which is through Inquiry-Based Learning. The Child Study in Education program has a laborarory school (Nursury to Grade 6) that is exemplary of theory to practice, providing students an opportunity to observe, learn, experience and apply their knowledge and ideas about this particular concept along with others. This truly serves as an authentic experience in a safe and comfortable place where the classroom teachers are also very supportive and resourceful.

What did you learn about yourself at OISE?
While attending the MA Child Study program at OISE I have learn a lot about myself. I have refined my practice and teaching philosophy while continued to master my existing skills while learning new ones. I have learned to be flexible in planning and implementing activities that are inclusive, culturally sensitive and engaging. Through the various practical experiences I have encountered, I realized my love for teaching in diverse communities. Some of the courses I have taken have reaffirmed my interest to get involved in prevention in the early years, supporting families locally and globally that are living in poverty or have a low socio-economic status. Although it has its challenges and obstacles, it has encouraged me to explore, test boundaries and apply my knowledge about child development and the influences that contribute to it (nature and nurture). I have grown as a professional in my appearance, philosophy of early childhood and primary/junior education as well as the language I use to communicate to students, parents, teachers and other professionals. Furthermore, through OISE, it has shaped me into a reflective practitioner in the field of education. I have learned and exercised reflection of my own practices while trying to understand the rationale behind other’s actions in theory and reality. This has made me appreciate and value feedback in hopes of improving what I love to do; teach. There is always room for growth, however improvement can only happen if you are open to constructive feedback and active reflection. I strive to be the best I can be and through the programs offered at OISE. OISE encourages, challenges as well as excites me by its exposure to valuable and insightful resources/courses facilitated by knowledgeable professors.

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