Master of Teaching Program: My Reflections — Samantha Brumer

Name: Samantha Brumer
Program: Masters of Teaching РPrimary/Junior
Year: 2

What drew you to OISE’s program?
There were many things that drew me to OISE’s program. Its reputation is known worldwide, and being the top school in the country, it was an obvious choice for me. I’ve also visited Toronto numerous times, and I thought it would be a great place for me to build roots for my future career in education. Being an anglophone from Montreal, I saw a lack of opportunity for me in Montreal based on my language and skills. Toronto offers more to me based on its size and language of business. Although I am bilingual, the opportunity to teach in both French and English is greater in Toronto. OISE offers so much to its students based on professional learning and growth, but also on personal development.

What did you love about the program and/or your professors and peers?
Over the few short months that I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much about who I am professionally and personally. The fact that all of our courses are spent with the same group of people really has allowed us to connect as more than just peers; I’ve come to regard our cohort as a family of sorts. All of my professors have shown such passion and dedication to what they believe in and the future of education. They really get to know each of us individually and are there to support us through our learning. Never did I think assignments could be a way of self-exploration, and not something to just get through! They have shown us that the process is far more important than the product, and taking care of yourself through meditation and mindfulness is equally as important as creating a safe environment for your students.

What did you learn about yourself at OISE?
I’ve learned so much about myself already from my time at OISE. I’ve gained insight into different parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, and I’ve already begun to develop my philosophy of education. OISE has given me the confidence to think outside the box, and empowered me to pursue that ideal of what I believe education and the education system should look like. This program has forced me to look inward and challenge my beliefs and assumptions, further solidifying some while shedding others that aren’t reflective of who I am at this point in my life. I look forward to the next year and to the endless possibilities of growth and development within the program and within myself!

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