Fall Practicum vs. Winter Practicum: Comparing Experiences

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

Now that I am almost done my first year of the MT program, I thought I would reflect on my two practicum experiences. I learned a lot from the two practicums and I thought I would compare them for those of you thinking of which division is best suited for you. So lets get to my chart-of-experiences!

Fall Practicum

Winter Practicum

School Board: York Catholic District School Board

School Board: York Catholic District School Board

Grade: 3 – Primary Division  Grade: 6 – Junior Division
Class size: 18 Class size: 31
Subjects taught: Math, Oral Presentations, Religion Subjects taught (Unit Plans): Speeches, Math – Area, Religion
Best lesson: Math lesson on pictographs Best lesson: Speeches lesson on significant/insignificant information
School involvement: Compiling the iPad list for staff members School involvement: Helping with the skipping club and skipping raffle, teaching advice raffle
Students were…hyper, enthusiastic and incredibly forgiving. Students were...reflective, opinionated, complex and independent
My AT was…warm, comforting and supportive My AT was…knowledgable, enthusiastic and flexible
After this practicum, I have learned that… students may not remember everything you teach them but they will never forget how you made them feel. My class was small and felt like a small family. I was able to have conversations with most of my students everyday and develop a great rapport with them After this practicum, I have learned that… you must not be hard on yourself if you make a mistake in class. Address the problem and move on. Mulling over the mistake will only ruin your day. Also, it is important to be responsive and not reactive to student’s outbursts and conversations. Read more about this here!
Would I teach this grade again? In a heartbeat, YES! Would I teach this grade again? If I had a smaller class size, yes. The ratio of student to teacher was incredibly skewed due to the high number of students.

I hope this was helpful and informative! Check back next year for my final practicum reports!

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