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Masters of Teaching Program: My Reflections- Melissa Shiu

 Melissa Shiu
Program: Masters of Teaching- Primary/Junior
Year: 1

What drew you to OISE’s program?
I saw the unlimited opportunities that will open to me because of OISE’s unprecedented reputation around the world.

What did you love about the program and/or your professors and peers?
I love the community that encourages, supports and reflects the unique personalities of people that make up the community. Also, I love that the community is thirsty for knowledge, the kind that will stretch our thinking to the next level of being well-rounded teachers.

Need more information about the Master of Teaching program?

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Goodbye for Now

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

So it’s official. My first two chapters of my research project are submitted, I went to my final class and conference and I finally have time to sleep…It’s the end of the semester for me! FINALLY!

I am ecstatic that I am done my first year of the MT program. Its surreal that 7 months have gone by. I have learned a lot this year. Not only about the teaching profession and field, but also about myself as a person. I think I have grown and matured this year. I have accepted that I don’t know everything and thats ok! Everyday has a potential for learning, growth and development.

The biggest thing that has guided me this year is faith. I’m not specifically talking about religion or anything like that. I am talking about faith in myself. I am able to do so much and the possibilities are endless if I have a little faith. Faith in myself, faith in others and faith that everything will turn out okay.

So what’s next?

For the next week, I will be working on my third chapter of my research project. I will also be looking up tickets and flight information as I will be teaching in South Korea for the summer. I begin my contract May 25th and I teach until July 31st. I plan on leaving the first week of May to travel and explore Asia prior.

You may see me posting again in September. If you have any questions/comments for me, please send them and they will be forwarded to me! Until then, stay happy, stay humble and stay hungry! Good bye Blog-o-sphere.