All About Anne

Sheldon Zian
by Zian Zhang(Anne)
Master of Education student

1)      Why did you choose OISE? And, why did you choose the Masters of Education program?

Through my consulting and research, OISE is the ideal place that offers the advanced education and training that I am seeking. I will be exposed to the instructions of world famous scholars and experts whose academic ideas will significantly broaden my academic horizon. Equally important is that I can enjoy an inexhaustible variety of advanced teaching resources.

I chose the program of Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development Program (M.Ed.) because this program would be very helpful in achieving my dream. What appeals to me about this program is the broad range of options available including topics that cover policy and curriculum development.

2)      What is your academic and/or personal background?

From September 2010 to June 2014, I studied Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, in China. It focused on cultivating students’ special abilities on bilingual teaching, solid professional knowledge and background of Chinese and English languages, more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and literature and foreign cultural exchanges

3)      Future aspirations

I want to become a teacher first after I finish my postgraduate program. When I get enough teaching experience, I plan to open an educational organization and become an excellent manager.

I also want to help children who cannot go to school to receive education as fairly as others. In other words, I want every child in my country to have a chance to study. In my childhood, I could see on television that many children like me had no chance to sit in a classroom and receive even the most basic education. Later, as I grew up, I also found that the education in China could not bring much happiness for students. Instead, many students are under great pressure. I very much hope to change this situation. Though I know that it is not an easy problem to solve, I simply want to make my own contribution.

4)      Best study spot on campus
University of Toronto has more than 40 libraries on campus. My favourite library is Sigmund Samuel Library which is located at Gerstein Science Information Centre, King’s College Circle Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A5. My favourite study spot overlooks the park, many trees and cute squirrels. It is great to look outside and see a beautiful view while studying.

5)      What can you not live without?

Relationships are important to me. I cannot live without those who love me and care for me, such as my family and friends.

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