October Recap From a Masters of Teaching Student POV

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

Hello blog-o-sphere! Goodbye October!

Another month has come and gone. I just finished my last week of classes and beginning my 4 week block practicum. This will be my 3rd placement and I’m in a kindergarten room this time! When I texted our previous student ambassador Wook the good news, he exclaimed “your fave!”

And you know what, kindergarten has always been my fave. Growing up it was my favourite grade. During my studies at Ryerson, I always worked with kindergarten students for my placements. When I applied to Oise, I knew it was the grade I wanted to teach.

So far, I’ve been coughed on twice, sneezed on three times and had many students cry out my name. (And I have only been there for 2 observation days!)

I can’t wait to update you on my future adventures in the kindergarten room! Like I did last year, I will be blogging about my week-to-week progress and offering my words of wisdom.

As well, I want to say how amazing it was to meet some of you during the OISE open house event! If anyone has any other questions please let me know! Leave a comment below or email me your questions, especially with the upcoming application date!

Are you curious about the OISE student experience? Contact me:

Email: oise.ambassador@utoronto.ca

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