Thanksgiving with my OISE classmates and Professor Merlin Charles

Sheldon Zian
by Zian Zhang(Anne)
Master of Education student

I went to my classmate Cleo’s home and had a big dinner with my OISE classmates to celebrate Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving day. It was my first time to eat turkey which was made by beautiful Ruth, who is doing her master’s at OISE and studied Accounting at National Taiwan University before. It was also the first time for Ruth to make turkey. She did it perfectly! The turkey was so delicious and the texture of meat was softer than ordinary chicken. I really enjoyed that evening because we chatted happily and knew each other more outside of classroom. For me, OISE is a wonderful place to meet excellent classmates and make friends with them.

On Thanksgiving Day, I went to OISE professor Merlin Charles’ home to celebrate the holiday with her family. She made Caribbean food for us. I helped Merlin prepare the food before our dinner. We talked during the dinner and watched Blue Jays together. I felt very good when I experienced a different culture from my homeland China.  I also felt very thankful to have such nice people in North America where I do not have any relatives. I felt warm when I stayed with them.

I think I made a great decision last year to pursue my master’s degree at OISE. If I did not go to study at OISE, I might never meet them in this life or have had a chance to eat turkey ;)!

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