Sheldon Zian
by Zian Zhang(Anne)
Master of Education student

The course CTL1817 H CURRENT ISSUES IN TEACHER EDUCATION from Dr. Clare Kosnik is a highly recommended course at OISE. Many students recommended this course to me in the past year. I asked several students who took this course and they told me that Dr. Clare knosnik was very serious and considerate during class. She implemented the courses’ plans carefully and interacted with students nicely.

This course examines various issues of teacher education, including the longstanding criticisms (e.g. program is disjointed) while others are more recent concerns (e.g. defining a knowledge base for teachers). Specific topics will be examined in light of the current context of education with an effort to understand the complexity of becoming a teacher. This course will systematically examine the current research on teacher education. We will consider teacher education both within Canada and internationally. We will systematically work through various topics by reading widely, discussing issues, and trying to determine ways to reform and renew.

I think this course will greatly help improve students’ understanding in Teacher Education. Dr. Clare Kosnik is very famous and knowledgeable in the field of Teacher Education and Development. She is also the Director of the Jackman Institute of Child Studies, Director of the Master of Teaching program, Head of the Centre for Teacher Education and Development, Director of the Elementary Preservice Program, and Coordinator of the Mid-Town Cohort. If you are interested in the Teacher Education area, you should sign up this awesome course quickly.

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