Professional Preparation Conference 2015: Life as an Overwhelmed 2nd Year

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

I have just finished my fall semester and about to start the final chapter of my studies here at OISE. To be completely honest with everyone, I am overwhelmed. This semester was a lot of work, up until the week before Christmas. There was assignments due left, right and centre, I’ve been going through some personal issues and then the PPC was placed right in the middle of everything. Unlike last year, I was not prepared for the PPC with everything due on my plate.

So I am going to reveal to you, whether you are a first year or a second year MT student, the top tips to survive the fall semester and the PPC.

1) Prepare your resumés and business cards– There are tons of employers at the PPC. Most of the school boards and employment agencies are accepting resumés and business cards. So prepare yourself by reading the Teacher Employment Handbook and follow their tips to update your resumé and business cards! The above Handbook is the most current one produced by the  Student Services.

2) Bring your “A” game- The 3 days of the PPC and Building Futures Conference is jam packed! If you want to be completely ready and maximize your opportunities to talk to teachers, potential employers or panelists. In order to do this try and…
– dress professionally as you want to start with a great first impression
– bring your own lunch, and snacks because you have no time to get food in                           between sessions
–  bring a notebook and pencil/pen to write notes in, or potential questions you want to ask. This will help when there are millions of people in line to ask questions and you want your specific ones answered

3) Attend the sessions that appeal to you- Conference days are looooong, so pick the sessions that appeal to your interests and needs. Yes, it may be frightening to attend a session that your friends are not going to but be brave and I promise you won’t regret going to a session you were genuinely interested in. No one knows you better than you.

I hope my tips help you get sorted and ready for the next PPC! If you have any other questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them!

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