So…Now What?

by Caitlin
Master of Teaching student

In 6 days, I will be graduating with my fellow MT classmates and walking away with my Master’s Degree at U of T. This moment was a long time coming but its finally here.

And with this momentous occasion comes this response from most people: “Congratulations! So, now what?”

Since I finished classes I have been working some contract jobs, getting certified and applying to schools. I wanted to share some of my experiences with you guys to give you an idea of what “f-unemployment” looks like.

Contract Jobs

In April, I worked with EQAO to score the OSSLT. I made a profile in February and they messaged me in March to score the upcoming OSSLT. I wanted to score the short writing and long writing sections but the short writing times interfered with the last day of class and the Research Celebration. So I scored the long writing section for 7 days. It’s 7 days straight with Sundays off. The coordinators asked if people wanted to stay an extra couple of days on the Sunday and/or Wednesday after the session finished.

I would definitely score for the EQAO again. You do have to sit and score booklets for long hours but you are allowed to take as many breaks as you like. I would often go to the washroom or refill my water bottle whenever I needed a break. Also the pay was great. They pay you $250 per day and also cover your expenses to travel to and from the convention centre. To see the full breakdown, click here:

Since February, I have been proctoring with University of Toronto Schools (UTS). I have been doing odd contests or exams for them but in May I was one of the proctors for their AP Exams. I loved working for UTS and with my fellow proctors. It was a great experience that helped me build relationships with new teachers, students and proctors.

Getting Certified

One of the certifications I have been working on is my OCT. I started my application and filled in my information in January. In April, I submitted my university transcripts and I finally paid my application and annual fees in May. Now the last steps are a copy of identification like your passport or birth certificate and an original police check. Please make sure you don’t make the same mistake as I do! Because on my passport I have my First, Middle and Last name, OCT wants to have your First, Middle and Last name on the police check as well. I didn’t have my middle name on my police check and they didn’t accept it. So I have to resubmit another one and then I will be OCT certified!

Applying to Schools

Finally, I have been applying to various school boards and private schools. It is a little stressful because there are not a lot of jobs available. So whatever jobs are out there, I am applying for!! A little tip for those of you who are applying to the TDSB. When you open up your application, it is saved on their data base for two days and if you did not submit it after two days it gets deleted. So make sure you get the application in as soon as possible!

With everything being said, I am hopeful for what is next in life. I am stressed that there are minimal jobs out there but I know that I will eventually find a supply job or permanent job! Thank you for following my OISE adventure for the past few years! I have been so blessed to have met some of you and shared my experience with everyone on the blog-o-sphere! Good luck with your OISE adventure!

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