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In this second post, we will explain some important issues to be taken into consideration before applying to OISE. As international students, it is crucial that we understand correctly all the information regarding what programs OISE offers and all the costs involved. As Vice President of the International Students Association (ISA) of OISE, I have heard many stories, some of which I lived, about how difficult it can be to find information in the webpage for specific details, like for example, tuition fees. Therefore, it never hurts to ask in your department of choice or the Office of the Registrar for a better explanation about important information before applying.

 The programs

OISE offers different types of programs between masters and doctoral degrees. There are different types of masters, like the Masters of Arts (M.A.) and the Master of Education (M.Ed). In addition, OISE has a Teaching Certification Degree (certification to become teachers in Ontario, Canada), within which are the Master of Teaching (M. T) and Child Studies Master of Arts (MA-CSE). At the doctoral level, OISE has the PhD program and the EdD program. To learn more about OISE’s programs see the following pages in Spanish and English: Prospective International Students and Admissions

While working on your application, you must keep in mind that the full time M.A. and PhD programs come with funding from the University. The M.Ed., Flextime PhD and EdD do not, although courses are the same to all programs. Thus, you should take precautions when you choose the programs you want to study. In addition, a very important difference is that the M.A lasts only one academic year, while some M.Ed. last a year and a half. That means tuition fees cost for the M.A program is two academic semesters, while tuition fees for t some M.Ed.  programs can be for three academic semesters. More information about the M.Ed. here: Master of Education.

Tuition Fees

This issue is very important. As international students, tuition fees are three times more than Canadian students. Moreover, prices change every year, which makes it difficult to plan ahead and budget.

We must be very careful to understand the length of the semesters in Canada. In this country, there are 4 semesters: fall (September to December), winter (January to April), spring (May-June), and summer (July-August). Good news, if you are a full-time student, you do not have to pay tuition in order to take courses in the spring and summer sessions.

I am in the M.Ed. in Social Justice Education. My program length is 1.5 years, which means that I took courses as follows: fall 2015, winter 2016, spring and summer 2016 (optional), and finally, fall 2016. Even though the courses I am taking in the spring and summer will reduce the number of courses that I need to take in fall 2016, I will still have to pay the full fee for that semester. There is a minimum fee for the M.Ed. in Social Justice Education that I am taking program, and is at least 1.5 years. Even if you finish your degree in 1 year!


This system can be a bit confusing when making payments. This is because payments are presented for academic year, not for the totality of the program. CAREFUL WITH THIS. For example, since I’m a M.Ed. student, I paid tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year, and half of the tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year. For better information about prices and program’s features, check the OISE VIEWBOOK.

If you have any questions, please contact OISE’s Office of the Registrar and Student Services

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