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Finding ourselves: Campus Life (II)

The second building that I visited for the Campus Life posts was the Koffler house. This is a really special place and I encourage all international students to visit it. In there you can find two wonderful spaces in where you can meet new people, get in touch wit your spIMG_1508irituality, and involve in great community programs around the GTA. As international students, this is a great way of getting to know the city and its people.


Centre for Community Partnership

In this centre, you can find several community programs to enrol. It is not just volunteering, it is a place in which you will learn and also give back to the groups you are getting involved with. There are different ways for participating. For graduate students like us, it only takes going into the second floor of the Koffler building and see which program you would fit. The idea is that you make a commitment to the organization that is going to take you, and together, make a change in the world.

Since it is a community driven process, it is expected that the relationship students established with their chosen centres be a reciprocal one.


There are two categories in to choose your programs:

  1. Co-curricular short and long term programs. This is really important. If you decided to participate, you need to be aware that this is a commitment for at least 4 to 8 months. Don’t worry if you graduate and you still want to participate. The Centre for Community Partnership encourages students after graduation to stayed contributing wit the organization they choose. We can make this relationship a life commitment.
  2. Academic courses: mostly for undergraduates

For more information about the centre visit their website: Centre for Community Partnership


The Multi-Faith Centre

The Multi-Faith Centre is a very important place for several students at U of T. It is a place where you can go and live your spirituality freely. In there, you can find different programs, classes, and people willing to talk and discuss religion and its implications in our life.multi-f

The Multi-Faith Centre offers multi purposes spaces for meditation, yoga, and pray. It is a safe space. Also, if you have any questions about religion accommodations there is always someone able to help you.

Something really important about this centre is that there are always encouraging students to go and discuss their different position on religion and spirituality with them. Thus, they help and fund initiatives related to any of those subjects. If you have a research in mind, a workshop or any other activity go and find out how the Multi-Faith Center can help you. There are no restrictions for your participation, it can be an art show, a performance, poetry, a talk, a discussion, etc.

If you have any questions, write Sameena at

For more information about the upcoming activities go the centre website: Multi-Faith Centre

You can also submit into their Newsletter

In Spanish: En búsqueda de uno mismo: Campus Life (II)

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