Let’s move and drink coffee: Campus Life III






Campus Life is also about sports and social encounters. In this week’s post, I will present two important spaces to consider if you want to exercise and chill after, the Athletic Centre and the Grad Room on Harbord Street.

The Athletic Centre

This is an amazing place. In there you can find three pools, dance studios, an indoor track, tennis and squash courts, you named it. There is absolutely everything in there.IMG_1516



During the Fall and the Winter, U of T students can use the facilities for free, since the membership is included in our tuition fees. However, during the summer, if you are not a full-time student, you will have to pay daily or monthly if you want to work out.


Attention to this information

There are lots of facilities around campus that cannot be used freely during the summer. The Hart House (which I will be posting about next week) functions in the same way. You need to pay in order to use the facilities. This situation can be really annoying if you are one of those persons who likes to work out all year long. However, the payment is not that much if you can make an effort.



For more information, look at the website of the Athletic Centre


The Grad Room

If you are in the Athletic Centre and want to go for a cup of coffee and relax, just cross the street and have a good time at the Grad Room. And if it is Wednesday, you can have a conversation with one of the International Transition Advisor from the Centre for International Experience. The advisor is all year long from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

The Grad Room is a very cool place for Grad Students. You can book rooms if you have to work in groups, they are fully equipped. It is completely free. There is a patio if you want to work outside, and it is nearby the Spadina Subway station. Also, the Grad Room is the house of the English Language & Writing Support, a very important centre for international students who want to improve their English skill.


For more information, check out the Grad Room website.

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