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Libraries– Campus Life VI

Hello, and welcome to our last Campus Life! It has been amazing going around campus and learning about the different facilities U of T has for us. OISE students, because we have our own building and we are a little bit far from the main buildings of the university, we don’t really get to know what else is available on campus for us. Well, dear international student, that is over. With the series of Campus Life presented on this blog, now you can choose where to go. You need to go out here, believe me, it makes all the difference.

In the last Campus life post, I’m going to present you the libraries. The University of Toronto has 44 libraries on three campuses. Near to the St. George Campus, where OISE is, there is an amazing number of libraries available for everybody. OISE students mostly work in the OISE library, but it is also important to have other options. Don’t get me wrong, the OISE library is amazing. It has everything! Different books, articles, and a huge amount of learning tools in different languages. We should be proud of our library. It is the largest educational library in Canada and has the 3rd largest academic library system in North America. However, there are others cool libraries around campus worth to check them out.

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Next to Robarts is the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library. This place would blow your mind. It has a huge collection of rare books, like really old and rare. You can spend hours in there. In the library, you can also find expositions of diverse topics. Here, for example, are the photos of the Chinese Revolution exposition that is currently being presented. You are going to have fun. And you are welcome!!


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More libraries around campus can be found at St Michaels and Trinity College. They are really charming and quiet. If you don’t feel like coming to OISE one day, just go to one of those libraries and keep on working. Most graduate students need to have a clear and regular schedule for working in the classes’ readings and assignments. Libraries nearby our houses are good ways to avoid distractions and help us maintaining our work schedules save. If you feel like working out after studying, the Hart House has a little library and lots of big and comfortable rooms where you can study. I go there all the time!

Finally, if you are like me and do not have a TV or a radio, or even access to newspapers (it happens) you can always go to a Toronto Public Library near your house. Going to a public library is a good way of getting to know the city and its people. Here in Toronto, the public libraries are huge! They have lots of good books and educational learning tools. They host cultural, art, and technological events, among others. They have multiple TV available to watch the news and other shows. And it’s completely free. The only thing you need to borrow books or materials from the libraries is a Toronto address and an ID. I have improved my English fluency using one of the English handbooks from a public library. They are amazing!

Enjoy the libraries!

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