What about art?

signWhat about art?

Dear international student, Toronto has great Museums and Art Galleries. As students, we can enjoy them for free or by “pay what we can”. If you need a break from all the studying and want to get to know the city a little bit more, take a tour of all the amazing art options we have in this really cool city.

The first place I went was the Royal Ontario Museum. This place is huge and it is just across the street from OISE. There are no excuses not to go! Tuesdays are free all day for all students and Wednesdays are free from 3:30-pm to 5:30 if you want to go with friends and family that are not students. The ROM has absolutely everything you imagine a museum must have. You can enjoy art from all the places in the world, Egypt, China, Ecuador, Canada’s First Nations, absolutely everywhere. Moreover, if you are a fan of nature, at ROM you can find a really cool collection of animals from different regions, rocks from different places and eras. There are also dinosaurs, sculptures, paintings, walls, cars, mummies from all over the world. It is amazing. Just come and see for yourself. 13988899_10153606508846924_1129729243_n 13957390_10153606470836924_289735796_n 13941093_10153606471221924_236161598_n 13942340_10153606479486924_958557203_n 13936956_10153606508881924_121339327_n 13936737_10153606479516924_1676049335_n 13936553_10153606479341924_400328313_n 13933387_10153606471346924_1347220793_n 13933314_10153606471446924_102090624_n 13933243_10153606479356924_429210138_n 13866729_10153606471131924_737658733_n

The second place I visit was the Textile Museum of Canada. This museum is “pay what you can” on Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. I must confess that I was not that quite sure what to expect here, but I was really surprised when I got to see all the amazing things this museum has to offer. Fabrics are an important way to get to know the culture. In the Textile Museum you will learn how in different cultures like the Chinese, Japanese, among others, designs show social and political status. Moreover, you can find different collections of beads, robes, and old sewing machines. My favorite part was the exposition of teenagers designers from Ontario, which included Pokemon pajamas and prom dresses. You have to check out this museum! 13957648_10153606517136924_248741135_n 13988703_10153606517006924_1942278845_n 13957474_10153606560311924_1100790148_n 13942706_10153606561051924_1031845510_n 13936495_10153606517061924_1829212522_n 13933426_10153606516906924_1098411918_n 13933159_10153606561141924_882134886_n 13933095_10153606516661924_958534180_n 13933017_10153606560271924_1453972653_n 13933000_10153606561221924_61332471_n

A tip: in Dundas Street West and close by to the Textile Museum and the AGO is a coffee place called Angel’s Hat. Go, dear international student. Just listen to me and go!

The third I visited was the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).This is by far the most amazing Art Gallery I have ever been. It has paintings from all the biggest artist in time: Van Gogh, Monet, Rubens, Warhol, Renoir, among others. Good news, AGO is always free on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Since I’m not an expert on art, I had the luck of running into Joan, an amazing lady who works at the gallery and is always available on Wednesdays. Ask for her during your visit, she is waiting for you. Also, AGO has an amazing art collection from Canadian artist and lots of arts from First Nation peoples. There is also a boat collection. You can find basically everything here! 13933330_10153606602526924_1996860132_n 13933189_10153606618386924_1731728768_n 13900640_10153606602786924_1141984792_n 13936628_10153606618141924_1592927071_n 13936780_10153606618071924_919679934_n 13936836_10153606614346924_2147352385_n 13941112_10153606618401924_1934050398_n 13940881_10153606607041924_603423644_n 13942283_10153606607221924_2126804457_n 13936493_10153606618306924_990615643_n 13936590_10153606602686924_1852243097_n 13988808_10153606602671924_2050173072_n 13988672_10153606607326924_730128244_n 13957637_10153606602931924_1026924397_n 13957490_10153606614016924_131226171_n 13957426_10153606607391924_997287242_n

The last place I visited was the Bata Shoe Museum. Just like the Textile Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum is “pay what you can” on Thursday nights. Getting to know the culture and political statements through shoes has been fascinating. You can learn about which kind of shoes people from different parts of the world wear and does it mean. Also, you can witness and analyze which canons of beauty were considered “the right” ones for women and men according to their shoes in time. Currently, there is an exposition about Men in Heels. It is awesome, it makes you think about how different cultures have different ways of expressing power relationships. Have fun and thank me later!13988906_10153606628286924_301975925_n 13988801_10153606626891924_1811074336_n 13988660_10153606628756924_426574879_n 13957638_10153606627161924_1914523111_n 13942692_10153606642941924_1868546740_n 13942712_10153595376086924_1672582202_n 13957480_10153595527691924_1609435742_n 13942549_10153606627066924_1197901212_n 13933351_10153595527511924_1485342853_n 13900985_10153595528001924_911553972_n 13933245_10153595527866924_288298560_n 13933168_10153606627266924_1416282525_n 13871706_10153595527741924_1865674467_n 13898636_10153595527246924_1059181739_o













































































































































































































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