Getting through the fall term without a reading week

by Susan
Master of Teaching


Its halfway into October and only 1 month since school had started and I’m envious of those with a fall reading week. I mentioned that by the end of last month, due dates came around faster than I had anticipated. In reality, I didn’t lose much sleep meeting those deadlines. How did I do it? Well I had to establish a firm sleep/wake schedule, write out all due dates on a monthly and weekly calendar and get MORE involved outside of my courses.

You heard me correctly. I have graduate/research assistant hours, work-study hours, afterschool high school clubs and recreational sports on top of my 19hr school week. How on earth do I find time to complete my assignments? For most people this is definitely a recipe for disaster. I however need to be kept busy until an hour or two before bedtime – daily. That’s just the pace I need in order to be productive and fill up my day with tasks so I don’t fall into the trap of procrastination. The hours that I dedicate for school work will be used up much more efficiently knowing I have meetings, clubs and other things to attend to. Of course I don’t recommend taking on an extra 15hr of extra work just to be more productive. It’s not for everyone!

Some might be wondering, if you are on top of your school work and other commitments why are you still wishing for a reading week? Simply because a break is necessary for university students. The number of cases of students burning out and coping with their physical and mental health is soaring among university students. Personally, my days are long, even though I am getting 8hr of sleep and taking my mind off of school or work related things before bed, I think that as teacher candidates it’s still nice to take a break for periods longer than a holiday weekend. I want to be able to read something other than a curriculum document, reconnect with nature and go somewhere that does not require the TTC.

Sidenote: If extra-curriculars help you stay on track of your studies, the MT program and OISE offers countless opportunities to get involved!

I better get back to finishing another lesson plan…See you in my next blog!

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