Building Futures Quick Recap

by Susan
Master of Teaching


This half-day workshop was brought to OISE by leaders from the Ontario Ministry of Education and was open to Master of Teaching and Master of Arts (CSE) students. During registration (online), I was able to choose from 8 different workshops. I ended up attending “Supporting Student Achievement in Literacy and Numeracy” and “”Hire Me!’: Exploring the Psychological Leadership Resources of Self-Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism and Proactivity”. The workshop turned out to be more than I expected. I was in workshops with students who were in the same boat as me and educational leaders from the ministry who were interested hearing about my research. Each workshop provided tons of resources that you could find online or request for free.

I found 3 quotes that resonated with me and described my attitude towards success during the “Hire Me…” session. I hope everyone has their own personal motto that drives their motivation!

“Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best perform.” – Peter Drucker (2005)

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

“Small wins are a steady application of a small advantage. Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favour another small win.” – Karl Weick (1984)

If you missed it this year, be sure to check out the Building Future’s website here and come back next fall for another round of great workshops!

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