What To Do While Waiting for Grades….

Hi there! ^_^

I hope that everybody had a good winter break from school, & is ready to start the new semester.

I’ve submitted all my coursework for my Fall semester courses, & am now just waiting for my grades. According to OISE’s Important Dates page, grades for Fall semester courses are due on January 13th & will be available for students to view online a week after they are due.

It can be hard to wait for grades sometimes, so I figure it would help if I included a list of things students could do to distract themselves from worrying or being overly anxious.

  1. Prepare for the upcoming semester! It may seem a bit obvious, but focusing on current courses & getting required materials such as textbooks is important.
  2. Do something creative! There are various paint studios, art lounges, & art supply stores in Toronto. I personally recommend going to The Clay Room on Danforth Avenue, which I mentioned in my first post as an OISE Student Ambassador. There’s also Paintlounge, which a friend of mine visited for her work holiday party.
  3. Go to a museum, & immerse yourself in history and/or culture! The Royal Ontario Musuem (ROM) & the Bata Shoe Museum are pretty close to OISE, so why not go there after class?
  4. Join a club on campus! I’m in the process of arranging a volunteer placement through a U of T club called Working Around The Clock Helping (WATCH), which assists children in Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood.  On-campus clubs can be a great way of gaining practical experience, & getting to know people at school. There’s also a Clubs & Summer Experience Fair on January 17th, organized by the University of Toronto Students’ Union.
  5. Participate in Welcome Week Events! 😀 There’s Winterfest, with events geared mainly toward undergraduate students, and a Winter Welcome Week organized by the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union.
  6. Explore the city of Toronto with some friends! There are various little cafes & places in Toronto that I’ve never been, & I’m going to visit the Iron Rose Tea Gallery with some friends this coming Saturday. For a vegan cafe that’s run by U of T students, check out Harvest Noon! The possibilities are endless, & taking some time to discover the city while you aren’t bogged down with assignments could prove helpful later on.

Toronto is an amazing, vibrant city, & the resources that the University of Toronto offers to students are expansive. It can be challenging to wait for grades, but distracting yourself from worrying can be easy if you just look around you. I hope the things I’ve pointed out in this blog post prove helpful to people, & wish everybody a good first week back to school! ^_^

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