Turn your MT research paper into a scholarship

by Susan
Master of Teaching


Doing any sort of post-secondary program can be costly and as a grad student, money isn’t easy to come by! The MT program has a major research paper component (MTRP) as part of the program requirement – kind of like how other master’s programs come with a thesis option. What’s great is that the research paper is built into one of the mandatory courses which is structured so that at the end of each term, you will have produced an annotated bibliography, a literature review, research methods and a final publication style paper.

So how can you turn paper into a scholarship? Well, it just so happens that the deadline for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is due each year in the winter semester. This means you would have had the opportunity to complete an annotated bibliography, reading through some of the literature relevant to your research interest. All you need to do after that is to submit a description of your current progress in the MT program, show that you have done some literature review about your topic, include any past research experiences and voila your application is ready for submission!

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