Final Post and Reflecting on My Time as OISE Student Ambassador

Hi there! ^_^

It’s now the last week of February, and my Work-Study contract as an OISE Student Ambassador is done. I thought I’d use this final post to reflect on what I’ve learned from this experience, and wrap up any stories I started telling earlier.

I’ve learned……

  • that running a large event smoothly takes a lot of work and preparation. I played a relatively small role in OISE’s Educating for Peace and Justice Conference, but it was still obvious that organizing and facilitating this conference took a lot of effort. I had to troubleshoot relatively minor matters, such as figuring out what to do when presenters didn’t have name tags,  so I can only imagine how the organizers of the event must have felt when they had to problem-solve bigger issues.
  • that theoretical issues I’ve learned about at OISE have practical applications. I’ve previously discussed that my experience in my Reading in a Second Language class motivated me to get experience teaching young children to read. I’ve also discussed that using the My Virtual Life software in my Foundations of Human Development & Education class provided me with useful, albeit simulated, experience about raising a child and an adult. I’m glad I chose to continue my education at OISE precisely because it is so practical.
  • that I enjoy working with children! ^_^ I do prefer working with individual children or small groups as opposed to larger groups, but I do generally like working with young people. I hope to gain more experience working with children and families throughout my degree. Since writing that post about gaining volunteer experience through a U of T club, I’ve been approved and have started volunteering at that after school program run by the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club. I’m also in the process of potentially volunteering at a March Break camp at York University. These activities ought to help keep me occupied for the rest of the academic year.
  • that blogging about my experience as a graduate student helped me reflect on my experience. It also shows potential future employers that my MEd has practical value, and that I’m not just at OISE to avoid dealing with real life. Writing this post has helped me realize how far I’ve come since September 2016, and it’s important to recognize one’s growth as an individual.

Lastly, I’d like to show my readers what that ceramic mug I painted at the beginning of the school year looks like now:

This used to be a blank, white piece of ceramic before I painted it, and now it’s a functional part of my daily life. It’s amazing what I and this mug have gone through since September. I’ve overcome struggles, gotten to know a diverse group of people in my classes, and generally figured out a bit more about what I’d like to do for the rest of my life.

It is with these final words that I bid my readers goodbye and good luck in their journey towards OISE and during their time here.

I’ve truly enjoyed blogging for and representing OISE, but now it’s time to move on. Goodbye! ^_^

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