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I hope that February has treated everybody well. It’s hard to believe that my second semester of graduate school will be done soon. It seems like almost yesterday that I was going to my first class at OISE.

For this week’s post, I’ve decided to share one of my other interests outside of the field of education: musical theatre! ๐Ÿ˜€

My past few posts have been a bit too serious, so I figured it was time to liven things up a bit. Late last year, I received an email from Mirvish about discounted seats to certain shows. One of them was Cabaret, a love story set in 1930s Berlin. I enjoyed this musical when I saw it several years ago at the Stratford Festival, so I figured it was high time to see the show again.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Cabaret at the Princess of Wales Theatre with my mother! ^_^ We had a fabulous time, and my understanding of the show definitely improved from when I was younger.

Cabaret follows the story of American writer Clifford Bradshaw’s ill-fated romance with British nightclub singer Sally Bowles. I won’t spoil the plot of the show too much, but let’s just say that these were two people who didn’t have enough in common to make a relationship work.

Along with this love story, viewers also got a look at the inner workings of Berlin’s KitKat Club and the romance between Cliff’s landlord and a Jewish fruit seller. While all this was occurring, the political climate of Hitler’s Germany was quickly taking shape. Some characters of the show insisted that Hitler’s political nonsense would easily pass, but the audience unfortunately knew better. Our hero Clifford had the right idea, and quickly left Germany for Paris before things got too out of hand.

The show began and ended with Clifford at a train station in Berlin, to signify that the plot of the show and his romance with Sally had run its natural course. I don’t feel it would be appropriate to write too much about the plot in case I spoil it for potential viewers, but this production and its cast was truly spectacular! ๐Ÿ™‚ Standouts included Randy Harrison as the Emcee of the show, and Leigh Ann Larkin as the irrepressible Sally Bowles. Harrison did a lot to keep the plot moving along smoothly, while Larkin had just the right amount of charisma and talent necessary to play Sally.

I also enjoyed the way “The Pineapple Song” was staged. All the little pineapples being included in the scenery was a nice touch, and using a disco ball provided this tender scene between two characters with a nice ambiance.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’m glad that I got to see this musical in Toronto. The Princess of Wales Theatre is a fantastic venue, and its bathrooms are spectacular. I didn’t take any pictures of the performance auditorium because people aren’t supposed to do that, but I did take a photo of myself in the bathroom. ๐Ÿ˜› I highly suggest that people see a show at this theatre if they live, work, or go to school in Toronto.

I do, however, suggest that people subscribe to Mirvish’s mailing list and try to get some sort of discount. Theatre tickets aren’t cheap, and students don’t always have a lot of money to spare. I paid less than $50 per seat for tickets for my mother and I, and we were seated in the second row of the balcony. Considering the discount I received, our seats were pretty good. ^_^ You could also try to get Rush Seats by showing up to the theatreย  an hour or two ahead of the performance times. (Rush Seats aren’t always available for every show or performance time, but I figured I’d bring it up anyway in case people were interested.)

If you ever do see a show at the Princess of Wales Theatre, you’ll be able to use a bathroom that looks like this:

Isn’t that just classy? ๐Ÿ˜›

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