Warren Wu: Growth and Role Modelling as Cohort Rep

Continuing with interviews with other MT candidates, I invited cohort rep, Warren Wu, to speak about the Master of Teaching Cohort Rep Council (MTCRC) – another one of the numerous avenues students get involved in the MT and around OISE. Continue reading to hear Warren’s extremely honest and real reflection as a Year 1 Cohort Rep!

Warren Wu
J/I Cohort Rep

Describe your commitment to being a cohort representative?
It has been incredibly rewarding to be a Cohort Rep(resentative) for my beloved cohort! My official responsibilities include: attending MTCRC meetings where the cohort reps from each division and year (i.e., P/J, J/I, and I/S; Year 1 and Year 2) meet up with members of the MT leadership team (e.g. Mary Reid, Arlo Kempf) and the MT Student Association (MTSA) to discuss important and relevant information pertaining to the MT program; advocating for my cohort’s interests during these meetings; relaying said information to my cohort in a timely manner; and looking for answers to any follow-up questions my cohort may have. My unofficial responsibilities are to be a positive role model within and outside of my cohort, to make efforts to ensure that my cohort members are all on the same page, working together cohesively, and to occasionally plan social events to have a life outside of class.
How has the role transformed your MT and/or OISE experience?
In my experience as a Cohort Rep thus far, I have felt empowered as a member of the OISE community. On multiple occasions, I have been able to voice my thoughts to people at OISE who can actually make a difference, and seeing them make note of my suggestions/concerns makes me feel like my ideas are valued. However, what I have found is that often, since everybody there is a Cohort Rep, many of us have further questions and/or topics to discuss, and we do not have the time to address all topics of interest. It is also very interesting to hear Year 2 MT students’ perspectives on particular issues, as they serve as mentor figures during these meetings. Also, the agenda of the meeting would not be posted prior to its occurrence, which could have helped prepare my cohort members and me for the meeting, knowing what in particular we as a cohort want to know.
How do you see your position evolve going into Year 2?
Going into Year 2, I feel that I would like to become more involved in the OISE community. I want to attend more events where my fellow students and I can openly discuss the program’s pros and cons in a safe space with the MT leadership team. I would also like to work more closely with the MTSA, being more informed about what they are doing on their end. I believe that a stronger collaborative relationship between the MTSA and the MT Cohort Reps would be beneficial and would be a step in the right direction. I would also like for MT students to be able to have a networking event from OISE staff who have research that may align with MT students’ areas of interest. For example, it would be great to have MT students with research topics related to French be in touch with the CRÉFO (Franco-Ontarian Centre) of OISE! 
Overall, it has been wonderful to represent my cohort and to be more involved with the OISE community through this opportunity. I also hear that the hours spent during these meetings can be added to our co-curricular records, so that is always a bonus! 
Cheers/À la prochaine, 
Warren Wu 

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