Monthly Archives: September 2017

Back-to-school, back-to-OISE


by Susan
Master of Teaching


With big goals, comes big responsibilities…

I’ve been away form the keyboard for a while, but I’m back to update you on everything that has happened since April. I will kickoff the first post of the school year in Question and Answer format. Continue reading for some exciting news! 😊

How was summer?

As you may know, the summer between Year 1 and Year 2 MT, consists of two sessions with two courses in each session. This summer for the Intermediate/Senior stream, I had:

  • Anti-discrimination Education
  • Authentic Assessments
  • Issues II in Secondary Schools
  • Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Towards the end of my undergrad, interdisciplinary education started getting a lot of attention from different faculties, however I wasn’t around long enough to get a sense of what that looked like in post-secondary

What’s going through my head currently?

I am getting those back-to-school jitters again, but not the same as last year

What new plans do you have for this year?


I’m eager to get my research paper started and recruiting participants.


I took on an executive role on the Master of Teaching Student Association (MTSA) as the VP of Professional Development. Sometimes I treat this like a full-time job because my team and I have so much planned for this coming year. We are introducing everything from professional headshots to MT clothing to an MT formal.

What hasn’t changed?

Same cohort as before! These people are my rock, I can’t imagine going into my final year without them!