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Master of Education,
Adult Education & Community Development


Hello, my name is Viel (pronounced VL)!

I am in my first year of the Master of Education Program in Adult Education and Community Development (AECD). I am really looking forward to be able to share my experiences at OISE and hearing from you all!

Why did you choose OISE 

In 2014, I graduated from OISE with a Bachelor of Education, back when it was offered as a one year consecutive program. I was in the Junior/Intermediate stream with English as my teachable. During my year at OISE, I had met so many people both within my cohort (kind of like a homeroom) and outside of my cohort. I really felt like I was in a big community that year! That’s why when I first decided to pursue my Master’s degree, OISE was at the top of my list.

The AECD Program at OISE is part of the Department of Leadership, Adult, and Higher Education (LHAE). I chose Adult Education and Community Development in particular, because I had always enjoyed working with adults, particularly newcomers. Throughout my undergrad and my year in the Bachelor of Education program, I have always been keen on community development—collaborating with various community agencies through work or volunteering! It was clear from the beginning that this program was a perfect fit for me!

The University of Toronto is a place where you have so much access to different services, such as the various gym facilities found all across campus, the study spaces, and the library (the 4th largest library system in North America)! The University of Toronto has so much to offer and there are a plethora of resources to take advantage of. It is perfectly-situated in a vibrant and bustling hub of Toronto, surrounded by Queen’s Park, the Bata Shoe Museum, and the Royal Ontario Museum. The best thing about our campus is that most of it is accessible by transit!

What is your academic background? 

I graduated from University of Toronto Mississauga where I studied an English major and French and History minors. As mentioned, I also studied at OISE in the Consecutive Teacher Education Program. I have always felt the need to continue my learning and I am always looking for ways to challenge my way of thinking and to build on my own set of skills and experiences.

What do you like to do outside of school?  

Outside of school, I enjoy playing the ukulele, going to concerts, and spending a lot of time with my friends and my family. I also love to volunteer! I’ve been a volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton for 11 years–I always make sure that I find the time in my schedule to volunteer with them. I am currently a Girls Linking Our World facilitator, encouraging adolescent girls to take on leadership skills and building confidence, all while promoting diverse ways of healthy active living. It is really important for me to find the balance between academics, work, volunteering, friends, family, and “me time”. Finding that balance is all about trial and error! You just need to find ways that work for you. It took me quite some time to adjust my schedule. Having some down time for socialization and other things is all part of being a student, so just make sure you find it!

If you are currently reading a really good book or if you are currently enjoying listening to a particular indie artist/band–let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

Questions? Email me at and I will do my best to help you!

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