I had applied to numerous Bachelor of Education program and the Master of Teaching program to fulfill my goal of becoming a teacher. Choosing the MT program was a very easy decision for me as I will be getting a masters as well as my certification to teach in Ontario in essentially the same amount of time; something that is unique to OISE. Aside from the courses to get me OCT certified and 4 1 month long placements, I am also required to write a Master of Teaching Research Paper. Students get to a chance to conduct their own small scale qualitative research study in an area of their choosing. This really attracted me because it allowed me to incorporate my own areas of interest, concern, and passion into my research, and essentially tailor my learning to my own interest.

Being in my second year I am still happy with my decision. The cohort based classes are very conducive to learning and it helps to build a learning community where everyone is there to support one another. The professors are all very knowledgeable, filled with great experiences, friendly, extremely helpful, understanding, and genuinely want you to do well. Course evaluations are also taken into great considerations as all our needs and concerns are immediately addressed.

St. George Campus

I have always wanted to be downtown for schooling and I am in love with it. I did my undergrad at York University and the campus was a typical university campus; standing on its own. The St. George campus is huge and very beautiful. The older buildings each have their own little courtyards with benches, which are great for walks or for a nice study area in the summer. There is also affordable restaurants in the area for a quick snack or meal before and after classes. We also get access to all the libraries on campus. When studying gets tiresome there is always something to do in Toronto and my friends and I really explored around in the summer semester when we had classes only two days a week!
The OISE building does not have a lot of food options; only a very small cafeteria, but there are places to eat right outside the building.

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About Dalpreet

Hi my name is Dalpreet Hansra and I am a second year Master of Teaching student in the Primary and Junior stream. I am passionate about teaching for diversity, equity, anti-discrimination, and social justice education. I am also a Global Ambassador for the Global Exchange program.

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