Your Go-to-Guide to the Application Process

by: Viel
MEd, Adult Education & Community Development

You’ve attended OISE’s First Open House. Check.

You’ve talked to current students, alumni, staff, and faculty regarding your options. Check. 

You’ve completed your first step in going to the Open House. And now you’re ready to apply! Fortunately for you, you were able to get a sense of the OISE community by participating in the Open House! So hopefully, that’s helped get you a better idea of what to expect!

So what’s next? Or what do I do now? Is probably what follows after attending all those information sessions. It reminds me back to when I was a prospective student exactly a year ago. I was in the same boat as you—I researched my way through the website, looking for all the answers to my questions, and somehow, I didn’t know exactly where to start.

How long will this degree to take to complete? What do I need to provide? What exactly is a statement of intent? How do I get a hold of an academic reference? Will I have everything by November 15th?

When you are confronted by all these questions, simply starting the application is a daunting task. Then you see that you only have a little less than a month before the deadline. There seems to be so many things to do and so little time to complete everything. So what’s my advice to you? Follow these 6 tips to help you complete your application properly and on time!

Tip #1: Do your research. I HIGHLY recommend you look at our brand new website and click the Future Students tab. You will find almost ALL your answers there, whether it’s to a specific question or a general one. If you click “apply now” it will lead you to a page where it outlines all the steps you need to take, and conveniently, each step has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to refer to when you feel stuck.

Tip #2: Start ordering those transcripts now. You might run into some problems with your transcripts, so it’s best to make sure that you order them right away. Don’t wait until the last minute for you to send your transcripts. Once you’ve sent them, just check in with your application to see if we’ve received it.

Tip #3: Contact your references. Your references need to know that you are applying for the program. By letting them know that you have chosen them as your reference, they will be on the lookout for that email. You also need to give them time to fill the reference section out. By giving them a heads-up, you’re giving them more time to think about what they need to write and the time frame that they need to work with to get it done.

Tip #4: Stuck on that statement of intent? Or don’t know what to write? Well, you might want to check out Step 3 of the Admissions website. It gives you a general idea of what they are looking for. Writing statements of intent are a little difficult at first, but you need to make sure you plan it out ahead of time. Do your research about the programs and try to align your interests and your goals to that particular program.

Tip #5: Fill out your statement of intents, your resumes, and other supporting documents on a Microsoft Word document, so in case the site crashes, you have it saved directly on your computer.

Tip #6: Have a checklist of all the things that you need to complete. Every time you get something done, check it off!

What to do if you’ve followed all these tips and looked up all the Frequently Asked Questions? Contact Us! You might have a very specific question and we will do our best to answer them.

And by now, after reading all of this—you’re probably set to go. Now all you have to do is click that “Apply” button! Always make sure you also check in with your application from time-to-time to see if all your documents have been received or if you are missing anything! Best of luck!

Do you have any tips on doing your application? Comment below!

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