Third Practicum!

I have successfully completed 2 out of 4 of my practicums, Kindergarten and grade 3, with the Peel District School Board. I will be starting my third practicum for the month of November in a grade 5 classroom also with the PDSB. Not every student gets a different grade or a different school for each placement-it depends on the availability of schools and associate teachers who are willing to take teacher candidates. I got lucky to have a great range of grades and schools so far. That being said, the coordinators will ensure that over the 4 practicums at least 1 would be in the primary level and 1 at the junior level (as I am in P/J), and they will ensure that your commute is no longer than 90 minutes. MT students are allowed to change their preferred school boards for each practicum but I choose to keep mine in Peel as it is the easiest for me to commute to.

I am looking forward to teaching grade 5 students as it will be my first time in a junior classroom. Before each placement month we are scheduled to go in for 1-2 observation days. These observation days allow us to get to know our associate teacher (AT) , the students, the class culture/atmosphere, and the school set up before starting to teach. My first observation went great as everyone was very welcoming and helpful. I was looking forward to teaching science this practicum but unfortunately my AT does not teach science. Instead, I will probably teach social studies and media (language arts)!

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About Dalpreet

Hi my name is Dalpreet Hansra and I am a second year Master of Teaching student in the Primary and Junior stream. I am passionate about teaching for diversity, equity, anti-discrimination, and social justice education. I am also a Global Ambassador for the Global Exchange program.

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