Place-Based Education/Trips

Place-Based Education/Trips:

As an extension of our Social Studies course the professor decided to take us on a walk through some of University of Toronto’s popular areas. I have walked all these paths numerous times but it was different this time as I was observing the environment through a social studies lens. I appreciate each of these significant places a little more now as I have learned about the history of the land.

One destination during our walk was ‘Philosophers walk’, a popular walkway for many getting across campus and the general public. We walked on a land that was once a body of water and the water was buried years ago for a Royal visit. Before Philosopher’s walk was altered, Indigenous groups used the river to fish and to travel to and from Lake Ontario. While sitting at the Amphitheatre and learning that it was a place for Indigenous groups to get together, the feeling of empathy arose in me as this beautiful natural land was destroyed by human construction, and continues to be destroyed and altered.

Some other trips and workshops that I took part in include:

Social Studies trip to Evergreen Brick Works: Learned how the land has transformed over the years and how this place can be used as an educational field trip for our future students.

Picture: Machine that made bricks back in the day and the hiking path.

Supporting English Language Learners trip to Bata Shoe Museum: Workshop on different types of shoes and different materials that can be used to make shoes. The custom made Timberland boots for Shaquille O’Neil.

Art trip to Art Gallery of Ontario: Different textures and techniques used in paintings. How art is used to express and present different themes, such as global warming and exploitation of natural resources.

Science in-class workshop on Robotics and STEM.

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