Can you put a salary on good teaching?

When you truly enjoy something you are doing, you would do it without pay, or without thinking about being paid…

The past two years, MTs in the program were uncertain what pay grade the degree will lead to after graduation. At the 2017 December Professional Preparation Conference (which is held annually), representatives from QECO announced the MT degree will be an A3 category by their current assessment. Find out more information about QECO and teachers they represent here.

For prospective students this shouldn’t deter anyone from going into a particular initial teacher’s education program and this certainly doesn’t justify going into a particular program for the pay scale that is beyond the  institutions control. Student should choose their initial teacher’s ed program thinking about how they would like to shape their 2 years of becoming a teacher, what experiences the program can offer and what the larger institution can offer.

The MT program is an intense two years. Students are challenged in their teaching and thinking through graduate electives and research. It’s all about fit. Ask yourself if the program sounds like what you are all about and if you have something to offer the program in terms of personal growth or a particular set of skills and strengths.

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