Information Pamphlet

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Powerpoint Presentations 

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An overview of the Growing New Roots research program and outcomes 

This powerpoint will provide an outline of the Growing New Roots project and address the following topics:

  • Creating community and participatory action research
  • Social and linguistic integration experiences
  • Policy implications

Immigrant Parents and Educators Working Together for Equitable Family-School Relations 

This powerpoint will discuss the rationale for including newcomer parents in education research by overviewing the needs of immigrant children and youth, discussing types of transitions experienced by newcomers, explore the process of younger newcomer integration and explore parental barriers to participation in schools.


Resource Books

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Resource Book for Educators and Newcomers 
In this resource booklet, you will be hearing from English Language Learners from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto.

– Relationships with family and friends
– Aspects of school life including alienation and racism
– The importance of active involvement at school

Resource Book for Educators and Immigrant Families  
In this resource booklet, we hope to provide useful information to help schools and communities work together to remove the barriers that hinder communication. In doing so, we hope to promote inclusive practices that encourage families to become involved in the education of their children.

– The nature of family involvement and its importance for the school and the family
– Language barriers that impede communication between immigrant families and their
children‘s teachers
– Creating a school environment that promotes cultural understanding
– The importance of communication between educators and parents
– The significance of effective parent-teacher relationships
– The role of the teacher in different cultures
– Empowering newcomer families by providing them with information



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The Voices of Internationally Educated Teachers and Their Mentors Full DVD Transcript  
This series includes transcripts from seven video clips filmed for the Growing New Roots Project.

1. Background Information on Internationally Educated Teachers – 10 minutes, 48 seconds
2. Experiences of Internationally Educated Teachers – 15 minutes, 17 seconds
3. Challenges Faced by Internationally Educated Teachers – 15 minutes, 19 seconds
4. Strategies for Internationally Educated Teachers – 11 minutes, 6 seconds
5. Suggestions for Internationally Educated Teachers Candidates – 12 minutes, 4 seconds
6. Suggestions for Teacher Educators and Associate Teachers Who Work with Internationally Educated Teacher Candidates – 15 minutes, 24 seconds
7. The Academic and Cultural Support Centre (ACSC) at OISE/UT – 11 minutes, 35 seconds



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Growing New Roots: Reflections of Immigrant Teenagers in Canada 

In OISE publication — Initial Teacher Education: School Improvement and Teacher Education: Collaboration for Change

By Antoinette Gagné and Stephanie Soto Gordon

[See p. 13-20 for article]

Closing the Gap: Strategies for Building Positive Relationships Between Immigrant Parents and Teachers 

In OISE publication — School/University Partnerships: Creative Connections

By Antoinette Gagné and Sameena Eidoo

[See p. 21-23 for article]

Language and Culture Skills for New Canadian Teachers 

In OISE publication — School/University Partnerships: Innovations in Teaching and Learning

By Antoinette Gagné, Mira Gambhir, and Clea Schmidt

[See p. 21-22 for article]

Growing New Roots: Coming Together – New Immigrants and Canadian Teenagers 

In OISE publication –  Inquiry Into Practice: Reaching Every Student Through Inclusive Curriculum 

By Antoinette Gagné and Stephanie Soto Gordon

[See p. 56-63 for article]