My Politics


All education enacts, implicitly or explicitly, some political agenda. Particularly since about 1970 (and well before that), it appears education and most everything else has been dominated by varying forms of capitalism – which Noam Chomsky briefly outlines in the video at right. I am particularly interested in – and concerned about – capitalist influences on fields of science & technology (e.g., see: Krimsky); but, as outlined below, its influences appear, more or less (e.g., re: recent nationalism), global.

Based on actor-network theory and on conceptions of ‘dispositifs,‘ I believe that fields of science, technology, engineering & mathematics (‘STEM’), their educational counterparts, and many other actants are, largely, embedded in a global dispositif mostly controlled by financiers, corporations, transnational organizations, and many governments, generally aimed at concentrating wealth, regardless of harms this may inflict on most other living and nonliving entities. Humanity is facing at least three existential risks; i.e., climate disruption, species extinctions and nuclear war. We also deal with ongoing health problems from, for instance, manufactured foods, poorly tested drugs and radiation. Meanwhile, capitalists are electronically monitoring our every move and manipulating us for their gains. In light of such problems, I believe we must work towards more eco-socialist worlds.

People like Krimsky and groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists suggest that topic choice. methods, results and dissemination and uses of STEM fields frequently are corrupted by influences – often through government policies – of capitalists (e.g., financiers & corporations). This can be understood in terms of the schema at right, which suggests 2-way relationships between ‘science’ (World –> Signs) and ‘technology’ (and engineering) (Sign –> World). With mathematics often involved in both directions, it can depict STEM. With, for example, recent extreme misuses of STEM fields by right-wing populists – like US President Trump – science often is ignored, denigrated or “muzzled,” while engineering mainly focuses on development and sales of for-profit commodities that often cause many personal, social &/or environmental harms.