Research & Outreach

STEPWISE Collaborative Action Research and Outreach
This page provides brief overviews of collaborative action research that is used to learn more about STEPWISE and ‘outreach‘ (seminars & workshops) to share our findings and pedagogical resources.

STEPWISE Action Research

Given that much about STEPWISE pedagogy is not mainstream, we invite teachers and other educators to work with us in collaborative action research (CAR) – as illustrated at right/below and elaborated here – to co-develop related teaching & learning resources, field-test them with students and, in documenting and analyzing such processes, co-develop publications for teachers, academics and others. After “Reviewing Teaching & Learning,” AR collaborators may decide to “Plan & Develop” new teaching & learning approaches that, for example, study effects – as elaborated here – of changes in possible ’cause’ variables (e.g., teaching about the Mendelian Paradox) on changes in certain ‘result’ variables (e.g., students’ views about relative importance of data/evidence vs. theoretical preconceptions).

Action Research Cycles

Since we started research about the STEPWISE schema in 2006, we have developed many relevant teaching & learning resources (e.g., as STSE Education & Teacher Teaches) – some of which have been assembled into the teacher resource booklet, Science Education for Civic Action. And, in field-testing such resources in science classes (and after-school clubs & in teacher education), we have learning much about appropriate pedagogy (e.g., ‘stepwise’ implementation) and possible outcomes (e.g., here & here). For example, in the video at right/below, a teacher describes his ongoing CAR about actor-network theory (elaborated here), a key concept used in STEPWISE. If you are interested collaborating with us in AR & publication, write to:

One or more members of our research and publication team can conduct seminars and/workshops addressing one or more aspects of STEPWISE, like:

To invite us to conduct seminars and/or workshops about topics like those above, write to: