RiNA Project Tools

Welcome students!  Using tools linked to each icon below, you (maybe in a small group) can Рas we suggest, after teacher-led lessons & activities Рplan, carry out & report on RiNA projects to overcome STSE Harms, either with some teacher supports or independently. You may copy results of your work using each tool into a common location, like Google Drive, Google Classroom, Microsoft Planner (or Teams) or Slack to assemble reports for your teacher. Further suggestions for using these tools are provided here.

Scan over each icon below and click on them to reveal tool links.

RiNA Project Tools
Chatting Tools Drawing Tools STSE Issues Web Search Tools Graphing Tools Survey Tools Spreadsheet Tools Statistics Tool Network Mapping Tools Poster-making Tools Petition Tool Social Media Tools 3-D Printing Tools Word Processing Tools Team Collaboration Tools

Web Search Tools

Statistics Tool

Petition Tool

RiNA Project Tools is a student resource – used for the Students Practise & Student-led RiNA Projects phases of the STEPWISE pedagogy.

Thanks to Jasmine Yeung, Dave Del Gobbo, Minja Milanovic, Sarah El Halwany, Majd Zouda & Nurul Hassan for selecting & organizing these tools.