Students Acting for All

Students Acting for All

A STEPWISE Teacher Resource for Distance Education

Using video-based suggestions & resources linked below, teachers can educate students – online &/or face-to-face – so they can independently design & carry out research-informed & negotiated action (RiNA) projects to overcome harms – like climate change – in relationships among fields of science & technology and societies & environments (STSE).


As explained in our introductory video, students can design & conduct effective RiNA projects after teachers provide them with pedagogical lessons & activities described in the videos linked to the graphic of the STEPWISE pedagogy below:

When the teacher believes students are ready, after STEPWISE pedagogical lessons & activities, they can be supported in student-led RiNA projects using suggestions & resources linked below:

Some sample student-led RiNA projects are given below:


Students Acting for All was developed by our team of school science teachers who have used STEPWISE-informed pedagogy for several years and university-based educational researchers who, collectively, drew from our Resources – such as Science Education for Civic Action, linked at right/below – and elsewhere. Many ideas also came from detailed descriptions linked below the STEPWISE tetrahedron.

Note that all of our resources are not, necessarily, meant to be used ‘as is’; rather, we expect them often to be adapted for uses in particular teaching & learning contexts. Teachers wanting to use and/or revise our resources (and/or create new ones) are invited to collaborate with us in action research – which can improve student learning, motivations, civic actions, etc. and contribute greatly to teachers’ professional development, such as through curriculum development and through educational publications. Users of this site also are invited to give us feedback to help us improve it. To communicate to us about this site and/or being involved in action research, write to: