Using our video-based teacher resources below, teachers can educate students so they can self-direct excellent research-informed & negotiated action (RiNA) projects like those at right (or below on phones; and here) to overcome harms in relationships among science & technology and societies & environments (STSE).

Video-based Resources

As explained here (also at right/below), many students can self-direct excellent student-led RiNA projects only after teachers provide them with STEPWISE-informed lessons & activities – as described through the links below:

Video-based suggestions and downloadable resources for this site were developed by a team of school science teachers & educational researchers who are part of the STEPWISE research & publication group – which also developed companion resources at Science Education for Civic Action.

Supplementary Teacher Resources

The STEPWISE research and publication project has developed many educational resources to help teachers to educate students about STSE harms and to develop & implement excellent RiNA projects to overcome harms of their concern/interest. Many of these are mentioned in and linked to videos in this Students Acting for All site. STEPWISE is funded mostly be the Canadian government (SSHRC) and, so, many of these and other resources are freely-shared with teachers through my Resources page.

Working with a Researcher/Facilitator

Although we hope our video-based suggestions and accompanying resources enable teachers to help students to develop sufficient expertise, confidence & motivation for eventually self-directing excellent RiNA projects to overcome harms in STSE relationships that students want to overcome, we have found that many teachers can benefit from collaborating with an educational researcher to do so. We would, as illustrated at right, generally facilitate activities through stages of action research. Many such collaborations have benefited teachers, as well as us, such as through shared publications. If you would like researchers (e.g., graduate students) to work with you to implement STEPWISE using our resources in Internet-based and/or in-class contexts and to help you and us to learn and publish more about such work, contact me at: Finally, please also help advertise our resources and collaboration possibilities by distributing this flyer.

Sharing Our Resources

Many aspects of STEPWISE, which is the basis of Students Acting for All, often are not implemented in science & technology education. Such aspects include:

For such aspects to be more widely used, it appears necessary for us to encourage development of a pro-STEPWISE dispositif. So, if you like our site, please share its location with teachers, administrators, etc. – perhaps with uses of our flyer.