Sample RiNA Projects


This page highlights several ‘RiNA’ (research-informed & negotiated action) projects students have conducted – after STEPWISE-informed ‘apprenticeship’ lessons & activities – to overcome harms they determined in relationships among fields of science & technology and societies & environments (STSE).

As shown at right, possible harms in STSE relationships often are controversial – sometimes known as socioscientific issues (SSIs). We encourage students to conduct both secondary & primary research to learn more about harms / issues; and, then, develop & implement several – co-supportive – social actions.

Research-informed Educational Actions

Many students have used their research about STSE relationships, along with their previous education and experiences, to develop actions – like those highlighted at left – that are meant to educate others about harms, issues and/or possible social &/or environmental changes.

Research-informed Engineering Actions

Students in classes of teachers with whom we have worked have used their research to design & implement engineering products & processes – like those highlighted at right – that function and promote social justice and/or environmental sustainability. As described here, we also have been working to encourage & enable students to mobilize their technologies across multiple actants.