Student-led RiNA Projects


This page provides teachers with suggestions and resources for facilitating self-directed RiNA projects to overcome STSE Harms of their concern. Such projects are meant to follow, as depicted in the STEPWISE model, one or more cycles of the 3-phase STEPWISE pedagogy. As such, they are culminating activities – meant to provide students with considerable autonomy that may serve them well in further civic engagement.

As presented in the video at right (below on phones), ‘Student-led RiNA Projects’ are meant – with reference to Lock’s (1990) control-of-learning model – to be highly student-directed & open-ended. Apart from ensuring student safety, for example, teachers should – in other words – allow students to make most decisions about such projects after giving them a project assignment sheet (e.g., here). Having said that, some students may still apparently need teacher supports – as in the Students Practise phase, although, hopefully, with much less teacher guidance.