Students Practise

This page provides teachers with suggestions and resources for implementing the Students Practise phase of the STEPWISE pedagogy. In this phase, teachers encourage students to develop and carry out small-scale RiNA projects to overcome harms students determine in STSE relationships. The teacher provides assistance, as requested by students. We suggest you start with the overview video at right/below (&/or the one for elementary school teachers) and then proceed through the more practical ones below.

Lesson & Student Activity Suggestions & Resources

When the teacher feels it is necessary (after students have been given a RiNA project assignment), the teacher can use suggestions & resources in the videos at right to help students to develop expertise, confidence & motivation for designing & conducting correlational studies and social actions and RiNA projects, overall. Skills Apprenticeship resources, here, also may help.

RiNA Project Tools

To help students to develop – perhaps collaboratively – RiNA projects, either as practice (in this stage) or as student-led projects (in the next stage of the STEPWISE pedagogy), we have provided links to a series of online tools – as illustrated at right/below – for carrying out such projects. As suggested here, the tools are generally arranged in order of conduct of RiNA projects, as illustrated below. Students may choose to use these tools in different orders and repeatedly, as required.