Teacher Teaches


This page provides teachers with suggestions and resources for the Teacher Teachers phase of the 3-phase STEPWISE pedagogy – which can, eventually, enable & motivate students to self-direct RiNA projects to overcome STSE Harms of their concern.

What to teach

In Ontario, where STEPWISE was developed & field-tested, teachers must ensure students achieve learning goals in 3 ‘domains’; that is, as depicted at right (below on phones), regarding: STSE Education; Skills Education; and, Products Education. STEPWISE, however, separates STSE Actions & Students’ Research from the first two domains, respectively, to prioritize student-led RiNA projects.

Rationale for Direct Teaching

It is common in many parts of the world to use inquiry-based learning (IBL) to get students to achieve curriculum goals. We suggest, instead, that teachers use relatively teacher-led lessons & student activities to help ensure all students can learn important attitudes, skills & knowledge (ASK) relating to the topic of the unit of study (e.g., cell biology). We suggest this – as reviewed in the video at right (below on phones) – because of problems with IBL and because of lack of availability of problematic information. Briefly, IBL can be discriminatory because of difficulties that disadvantaged students – e.g., in abilities & cultural-social capital – have in discovering ASK expected of them. At the same time, all students’ inquiries may be limited because capitalists and others limit availability of STSE Harms and rectifying RiNA Projects (e.g., see Merchants of Doubt).

Teacher Input & Student Applications

To help ensure all students develop useful attitudes, skills & knowledge that many of them often find difficult to discover through their own inquiries, we suggest teachers provide INPUT lessons & APPLICATION activities – suggestions & resources for which are provided through the videos at right.

Resources: All Nine Resources (.zip file).

Teaching About Actor-Network Mapping

To deepen students’ analyses of STSE relationships, research and social actions to overcome harms in STSE relationships, we provide, through the videos at right, suggestions & resources for teaching – with applications – students to use actor-network mapping.

Teaching From STS Research

Most, if not all, STEPWISE-informed resources – such as uses of actor-network theory – use research from Science & Technology Studies (STS). The video at right/below, for example, highlights privacy & autonomy concerns from STS about the Internet of Things – such as problems with RFID tags. Through the link below, we provide lesson suggestions & resources for implementing research findings from STS that we believe are particularly relevant to education about STSE harms & RiNA projects:

Teacher Teaches: STSE-RiNA Review

After lessons & activities discussed in the above videos, teachers can provide ‘summary’ lessons & activities to solidify students’ attitudes, skills & knowledge about STSE relationships & RiNA projects via the two videos at right/below.

Resources: Slideshow for this Video; JASTE: 5.1; 9.1; 11.1.