Teacher Teaches

This page provides teachers with suggestions and resources for the Teacher Teachers phase of the STEPWISE pedagogy. In this phase, the teacher uses relatively direct teaching approaches – along with related student ‘application’ activities – to ensure that all students have working understandings of some very important, but often hard to discover (e.g., via inquiries), attitudes, skills & knowledge (ASK) about STSE relationships (and STSE harms) and RiNA projects (& STSE Actions). We suggest you start with the overview video at right (&/or that for elementary school teachers) and then proceed through the practical ones below. 

Lesson & Student Activity Suggestions & Resources

Teacher Input

– & Student Applications

To help ensure all students develop useful attitudes, skills & knowledge that many of them often find difficult to discover through their own inquiries, we suggest teachers provide INPUT lessons & APPLICATION activities – suggestions & resources for which are provided through the videos at right.

Resources: All Nine Resources (.zip file).

Teacher Teaches

– Actor-Network Maps

To deepen students’ analyses of STSE relationships, research and social actions to overcome harms in STSE relationships, we provide, through the videos at right, suggestions & resources for teaching – with applications – students to use actor-network mapping.

Teacher Teaches – Using STS Research

Most, if not all, resources in Students Acting for All – such as uses of actor-network theory – are informed by research from Science & Technology Studies (STS). The video at right/below, for example, highlights privacy & autonomy concerns from STS about the Internet of Things – such as problems with RFID tags. Through the link below, we provide video-based lesson suggestions & resources for implementing findings from STS that appear particularly relevant to education about STSE harms & RiNA projects:

Teacher Teaches

– STSE-RiNA Review

After lessons & activities discussed in the above videos, teachers can provide ‘summary’ lessons & activities to solidify students’ attitudes, skills & knowledge about STSE relationships & RiNA projects via the two videos at right.

Resources: Slideshow for this Video; JASTE: 5.1; 9.1; 11.1.