Explorations of Humanity: Ancient History and Archaeology Display

arch-histThe mysteries of the distant past are an interesting educational challenge due to the nature of the source material from which our knowledge of ancient history and prehistory is derived. Unlike traditional history that often draws on documentary sources, like written texts, for its information, the history of ancient people is gleaned from an array of sources – sometimes these are written records but more often they are non-textual artifacts recovered by archaeologists. For this reason, learning about ancient history should also include a basic understanding of the role archaeology plays in constructing our understanding of humanity’s early days.

Explore this topic further by stopping by the ground floor of the OISE library to see our display of the resources we offer for learning about ancient history and archaeology. The display includes some of the following items from the library’s collectons:

Curriculum Resources on Ancient History and Prehistory such as: Ancient Canada [CR 970.01 M145A]; Life in Ancient China [CR 930 P419 No. 3]; What Do We Know About Prehistoric People? [CR 909 C791W]; The Human Story: The First Settlements [CR 930.1 R666F].

Curriculum Resources on Archaeology including: Archaeology—Digging Deeper to Learn About the Past [CR 930.1071273 C663A]; Clues from the Past—A Resource Book on Archaeology [CR 930.1 C649]; Digging in Assyria [CR 913.35 G567D].

Juvenile Fiction books like: Reading the Bones [JUV FIC M168R]; Pharaoh’s Daughter—A Novel of Ancient Egyptian [JUV FIC L642P]; Adventure in the Ice Age [JUV FIC B155A].

These and other great titles on this topic can be viewed in the display case on the ground floor of the OISE Library.

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