Featured Activity Kit: Intelliglobe

With summer comes travel, or just dreams of traveling. The Intelliglobe is a fun way to explore and learn about Geography whether or not traveling is a part of your summer plans. With the Intelliglobe (CR 912 R425) one can use the Explore features (including Geography, Countries & Territories, Music, History, Area in Square Miles/Kilometers etc.), Compare features (Distance, Flying Time, Population, Area, Life Expectancy), Facts that tell the user information about Earth, as well as Games that include multiple choice, trivia, and ‘find’ games. The Kit also includes a World Discovery Book that has supplementary maps and additional information like world flags, animals, landmarks, dinosaurs, explorers, a sky map, the solar system, moon maps, and food. In order to use the globe, there is a Wireless Intelli-Pen that is touched to the Intelliglobe or the World Discovery Book. The Intelliglobe can be used in English, French, Spanish, or Dutch.

The Intelliglobe is now on display on the coffee table on the Ground Floor near the Circulation desk!

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